Trends: How to become involved in open-air publishing

Posted: May 11, 2010 by Tiffany Santos in Fiction, Poetry, Resource
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As featured in Poets & Writers Magazine‘s News and Trends, open-air publishing is growing in popularity as “innovative independent publishers continue to find ways to thread literature into the social fabric.”

What is open-air publishing? From poets passing out poems on street corners to public bathroom stall tape-ups, this form of publishing is all about “bringing literature into people’s daily lives.”

Enter Broadsided, the creation of Elizabeth Bradfield and begun in 2005. E-submissions of short prose and poetry are paired with unique artist responses in a monthly PDF, which can be printed and distributed by anyone. Become a “vector” by posting Broadsided on your office door or take some on vacation this summer to leave a subversive trail of literature in unexpected places.

poem by Jennifer Perrine art by Julie Evanoff

Submit your own poems and prose via e-mail and be sure to check out the website for writing guidelines, a vector map, and more!

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    This is an awesome image too

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